Job Openings Internship - Juniors

About the job Internship - Juniors


We are looking for candidates who are creative problem-solvers who will be responsible for providing professional consulting services to our clients in the fields of Technology.

Key Responsibilities including:

  • Analyze a companys IT systems and infrastructure.
  • Work with clients to determine requirements and define the scope of a project.
  • Clarify a clients system specifications, understand their work practices and the nature of their business.
  • Diagnose IT system security problems, inefficiencies, and weaknesses.
  • Plan a timeline for completion of projects.
  • Understand a clients business needs.
  • Analyze and determine security threats.
  • Prepare documentation and present progress reports to clients.
  • Organize training for clients and other consultants.


  • Degree in computer engineering/science, information systems, or related field.
  • 4th Year Graduates in Technology Consulting field.
  • A proven track record of the knowledge in more than one of the following topics:
    1. Cybersecurity
    2. SOC analysis
    3. Security Code Review
    4. Penetration Testing
    5. Data Privacy
    6. Risk Management
    7. GRC
    8. Solutions tools like RSA Archer, SAP GRC, Microfocus
    9. IT Audit and IT Risk Assessments
    10. Digital Transformation
      1. Artificial intelligence
    11. Data Analytics
    12. Policies and procedures
    13. IT project management
    14. Enterprise architecture
  • Excellent command of English Language (written and verbal skills)
  • Flexibility to Travel to customer sites when required
  • Project management skills to plan timescales and the resources needed for the project.