Job Openings Be the Organizational Force behind Health Innovation as our Virtual Assistant

About the job Be the Organizational Force behind Health Innovation as our Virtual Assistant

Please Note: This job is being posted on behalf of Tom Moorcroft (Origins of Health) by Great Assistant ( Great Assistant is a company that works with entrepreneurs to match them to assistants.

Dr. Tom Moorcroft, Co-Founder and Medical Director of Origins Of Health and Samara Health, is an integrative medicine doctor specializing in Lyme disease, tick-borne illnesses, and PANS/PANDAS, focusing on natural healing approaches and individualized care. He also leads a mentorship program for practitioners, aiming to expand this educational venture while serving a diverse, primarily virtual patient base across the country and internationally. Dr. Toms goal is to empower individuals to connect with their inner source of health, leading to holistic, optimal well-being.

We are seeking a highly organized, self-sufficient, confident, and detail-oriented virtual assistant who embodies our core values of Be in Integrity, Embrace Responsibility and Accountability, Communicate Effectively, and Provide Support and Collaborate. As Dr. Tom's Assistant, your role will involve maintaining organization, adapting to Dr. Tom's style, ensuring effective communication, and managing a diverse range of tasks independently and proactively.

Some of your responsibilities will include:

  • Organizing Dr. Tom's schedule, managing appointments, and prioritizing tasks.
  • Preparing materials and summaries for meetings.
  • Monitoring project deadlines and sending timely reminders.
  • Taking notes at meetings and planning follow-up actions.
  • Handling emails and inquiries efficiently, summarizing key points.
  • Providing comprehensive administrative support.
  • Assisting with technical aspects during group calls and managing electronic files.
  • Basic editing and managing video content, with an option for graphic creation in Canva.
  • Aiding staff and coordinating resources using tools like Asana or ClickUp.

This role requires a proactive, fun, and mission-driven approach, with a commitment to not just support but actively contribute to the success of our organization.

In addition to these responsibilities, the ideal candidate must be:

  • Persistent, forward-thinking, and adaptable in communication.
  • Bright, efficient, and proactive, capable of acting without delay.
  • Detail-oriented and supportive, deeply understanding and aligning with Dr. Tom's needs.
  • A clear and frequent communicator, both verbally and in writing.
  • Self-reliant in managing stress, consistently focused, and available when needed.
  • Big-picture focused, ensuring Dr. Tom stays on track and on schedule.
  • Independent in decision-making, not merely a 'Yes person,' and capable of seeing tasks through to completion.
  • Confident and assertive, willing to seek help when necessary.
  • Accountable, and conscientious, with a strong work ethic.
  • Tech-savvy, quick to learn, and adept at using new software and tools.

You'll need to be familiar with these tools:

  • Google Workspace

You'll need to come ready to learn the following tools:

  • ClickUp
  • Asana
  • Canva
  • Slack
  • Oncehub
  • Zoom
  • Otter
  • Kajabi

Position Details

  • This will be a 1099 contractor position.
  • A distraction-free working environment is a requirement.
  • The position will start at 32 hours a week and work up to 40 hours within 90 days.
  • Flexible hours - Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00 am - 4:00 pm MST.
  • The position requires availability on some evenings, typically a couple of times a month on Tuesdays or Wednesdays, and occasionally on Saturdays, approximately 2-4 times a year.
  • You must be able to pass a background and credit check.
  • The pay rate for this position is $25/hr.
  • Were looking for someone to become a long-term (3+ years) member of our team.