Job Openings Operations Management Jr Analyst

About the job Operations Management Jr Analyst

Main responsibilities:

To realize the connection between the Brazilian site between China side and the presidents office Interface operation

Achieve Brazil factory KPI, policy planning, process change, project promotion, cost and Lean production management

Responsible for meeting management, organizing regular meetings (such as weekly meetings), regularly summarizing and reflecting on each section, release meeting minutes, assist the director to carry out uploading and issuing work arrangements

Responsible for the management of all indicators in the MFG, establish the KPI management system, decompose and implement the indicators, and ensure the achievement of all indicators

Responsible for process management, undertake PDTC design changes and internal transformation, effectively supervise on-site process execution, skilled in using process management related information systems, including but not limited to MPM, G-BOM

Responsible for the cost management of MFG, find waste points through data analysis, and ensure the continuous reduction of unit cost

Responsible for the policy planning and project management of MFG, supervise the implementation of the work plan of each department, find anomalies and avoid them in advance

Responsible for communication and coordination with other departments, and effective implementation of management requirements issued by higher-level departments

Responsible for other temporary work arranged by the director

What we need from you:

University degree or above in mechanical/automotive/production or related

Able to communicate in Chinese, English and Portuguese

1+ years working experience in automobile plant

Analytical Skills

Excellent Communication Skills

Problem solving and Decision-Making skills

Ability to develop, implement and review policies and procedures

Ability to oversee budgeting, reporting, planning, and auditing

Understanding of necessary legal and regulatory documents

Ability to address problems and opportunities for the company

Ability to build alliances and partnerships with other departments