Job Openings Security Engineer

About the job Security Engineer

The Security Engineer ensures our Engineering team is upholding the highest security standard and continuously improve the security standards. 
You will be responsible for leading and initiating better security standards and practices in HealthMetrics' Engineering team. You will be collaborating with our cross-functional development teams to identify and address security gaps in development. You will be working with DevOps squad to set the security processes and integrate security tools. 

Job Responsibilities: 

  • Develop security training and guidance to Engineering team.  
  • Provide subject matter expertise on system security. 
  • Develop and carry out information security policies and procedures.
  • Collaborate with development teams to identify and address security gaps, and develop or implement solutions to detect, prevent and investigate security threats.
  • Regularly conduct and review vulnerability scan, penetration test, user access and audit log reviews.  
  • Proactively identify and remove vulnerable code and code libraries.  

Job Requirements:  
  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or relevant field. Or certification in cyber security. 
  • Strong passion in security.  
  • Brownie point: Decent knowledge in cyber security on cloud infrastructure and open source.