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About the job Head of Marketing

Summary of Head of Marketing (HoM)

The Head of Marketing (HoM) role oversees the entire Marketing unit within the Revenue department. The HoM sets and aligns marketing strategies to coincide with the strategy of the Revenue department covering demand generation, nurturing of leads, onboarding and driving interests for upsells/cross-sells.

The HoM role directs key areas within Marketing such as but not limited to demand generation, branding, public relations strategy and product awareness. In each area, the HoM will work with the Revenue leadership in ensuring rapid and sustainable growth in demand to drive further growth. 

Job Responsibilities

Company Growth

·       Strategise marketing plans by understanding the pains and needs of the buyers/users of HealthMetrics to determine what truly matters to buyers and users when searching for a solution like HealthMetrics throughout the Revenue lifecycle.

·       Champion the company branding to ensure organisation-wide adherence.

·       Identify and develop long-term marketing and communication strategies that will support long-term growth and increased visibility.

·       Build a scalable demand generation for both new business and upsell from existing clients by segmenting different groups of users and corporate clients.

·       Strategise product marketing, upsell or cross-sell campaigns based on corporate and user data and behaviours through internal platforms and tools.

·       Strategise growth partnership strategies that will benefit the uptake of services and strengthen the product offering in accordance to the company’s goals.

·       Strategise & develop marketing plans that incorporates wellness, insurance or self-funding methods for clients while growing productivity of employees via better health outcomes.

·       Oversees the customer/user database management.

·       Oversees marketing campaigns to ensure efficient marketing spend via partnership, online and offline channels.

·       Work alongside Revenue team to increase revenue generation, profitability & minimise cost of services.

·       Ensure PR campaigns are aligned to company direction.



·       Develop, mentor and grow the in-house Marketing teams, ensuring the team remains the thought leader in their area of expertise and corporate healthcare.

·       Design and implement high-impact programs that are optimised to deliver results across the marketing and sales funnel, while hitting target metrics, Objectives and Key Results (OKR’s) and marketing ROI.

·       Manage the Marketing budget and forecasts.

·       Oversees marketing tools & continuously optimise costing of such tools.