Atlanta, GA, United States

Senior Product Development Manager

 Job Description:

Senior Product Development Manager

Atlanta, GA, Heliox Technology, Inc.


Senior Product Development Manager at Heliox Technology Inc., located in Atlanta, GA.  Provide critical go-to expertise for leading the development team related to product development and product improvement of Heliox E-mobility high power electrical equipment (high voltage systems up to 1000 VDC). Lead meeting deliverables for product designs while balancing, resources, timing, and budget for complex electrical equipment. Supervise, coordinate, and lead product development from the technical perspective for the design, modification, and release of vehicle charging systems and related complex electrical systems for power conversion. Coordinate and gather information from internal resources such as engineers and external resources such as the factories, suppliers, partners, and third parties for certification to execute the projects. Identify and allocate resources in the development team in order to successfully develop a complete design including technical product documentation and manufacturability. Develop and perform the development, testing and certification process for products including regulatory standards and environmental ratings applicable to electrical applications. Coordinate internal development activities between departments. Organize meetings with the different departments in order to align inside of the projects. Conduct follow ups continuously with the individual departs in order to keep track of the tasks assigned; Evaluate and resolve technical feasibility, design optimization, design for serviceability, and production issues while developing new product designs. Fine-tune the Project Plan and technical specifications of new design or platform including regulatory standard compliance and testing. Assist in creating product designs including bill of materials (BOM). Assist in developing both technical product documentation such as reports for certification purposes as well as installation literature and other documentation; Coordinate, execute, and lead the development and improvement of products. Position allows for remote work within commuting distance of the worksite.  25% domestic and international travel required.

Minimum Qualifications:

Requires a minimum of bachelors degree in Electrical, Mechanical, or Computer Engineering, or a closely related field plus 5 years of experience as an electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, or related occupation in electrical equipment development.

Requires a minimum of 5 years of experience with each of the following:

  • E-mobility high power electrical equipment;
  • Complex electrical systems for power conversion;
  • Design for Manufacturability;
  • Design for serviceability;
  • Product design regulatory standards;
  • Environmental ratings applying to electrical application;
  • High voltage systems up to 1000VDC.

Position allows for remote work within commuting distance of the worksite.  25% domestic and international travel required.