Job Openings Team Leader (Palawan)

About the job Team Leader (Palawan)

Key Responsibilities:

Managing the daily operations of the sales contact center 

  • Ensure your team's staff levels are in line with outbound sales leads to ensure that sales conversions and lead clearance are in line with the target % set by the Sales operations manager. e.g if you have an agent that changes their availability, ensure they are still doing the minimum hours that have been committed at the start of employment.
  • Plan leave requests for each team member 4 weeks in advance
  • Ensure agents take their breaks at the allocated time. This must be monitored and adjusted based on the intra-day reporting.
  • Daily attendance/arrival times and real-time status usage of individual agents are to be monitored closely to achieve the highest level of productivity and it needs to be ensured that times worked are always recorded correctly.
  • Set priorities, plan workload, and meet deadlines.
  • Communicate updates, overall team performance, and statistics to the team on a regular basis.
  • Looking for trends in call leads and proactively reporting to the sales operations manager.
  • Ensure you are real-time monitoring the performance of the reactivations customer care team and individual agents' performance.
  • Collaborate with the wider marketing team to ensure effective communication and implementation of new initiatives, updates or processes
  • Stay agile and manage ad hoc campaigns or changes that HelloFresh implement

Performance Management / Ensuring the team is meeting the KPIs set by management

  • Play an integral role in achieving and maintaining Growth Marketing & Sales KPIs set by management both in terms of supervising agents to achieve individual and group targets, focusing on personal performance, and leading by example.
  • All Agents should have a view of the performance from the previous day as a team and their individual performance. You are responsible for holding daily huddles/briefings for your team to discuss updates, and performance, motivate your team, and acknowledge agents.
  • A large portion of your week should be spent understanding your agent's performance, spending time coaching and evaluating interactions to ensure correct behaviors and processes are being followed. Shadowing agents to provide real-time feedback, support, and guidance.
  • Working alongside the Senior Lead & Sales Operations Manager to assist your team in the achievements of KPIs, understand areas of improvement with their QA and to discuss any concerns in knowledge gaps.
  • Attend regular meetings with our Training & Quality Manager to identify any areas of concern, discuss positive & negative points, and then ensure resulting actions are followed up/implemented.
  • You must follow the correct HR procedure when managing agents' performance, Performance Improvement Plans (PIP) must be documented and organized correctly alongside our HR Coordinator or with external contacts.
  • Proactively flag any critical agent issues with performance/attendance and flag them with the Sales Operations Manager or HR if necessary.

Staff recruitment, planning & development

  • Attend group interview sessions when requested to provide a Team Leader's perspective on the role, setting expectations from the interview process.
  • Ensure existing documents are accurate and reflect current work procedures and policies.
  • Be involved in the training & onboarding process of new agents
  • Use a proactive approach to improve overall recruitment, onboarding, and training process to optimize retention and results
  • Maintain a focus on agents joining your team to ensure retention and performance are up to expectations
  • Inform management of any upcoming resignations or changes within your team so we can plan for a replacement hire should it be required
  • Follow all offboarding processes to ensure a smooth offboard process and identify key learnings that can be used for the wider team when trying to improve processes

Marketing Overall Performance

  • Minimise off-queue activity, 80%+ of rostered hrs must be completed on queue to maximize call leads and conversions.
  • Ensure adequate resources are available across each market to meet targets in the respective country (AU + NZ)
  • Maintain individual agent performance >2 SPH after the probation period
  • Maintain agent productivity of >20 calls per hour
  • Ensure QA targets are met
  • Present and deliver a weekly high-level overview of team performance and actions taken to increase customer conversion rate and channel optimization

Handling customer complaints

  • Demonstrate the highest standard of customer service setting the benchmark for agents to emulate.
  • Negotiate outcomes for the best customer and company resolution, and follow compensation guidelines. When going outside of these guidelines you must gain approval from the Sales Operations manager.
  • Investigate causes and discuss ongoing process improvements to minimize complaints.

Skills & Attributes:

  • Proven leadership ability / potential
  • Strong people management skills
  • High level of contact center knowledge including contact center systems and metrics.
  • Exceptional customer service knowledge and ability
  • Performance Management experience.
  • High level of computer skills (especially MS Excel)
  • Coaching and training experience.
  • Confident and articulate communication skills
  • Can do positive attitude
  • Leads by example
  • OH & S
  • Ability to implement and integrate continuous improvements and strategies as outlined by the Manager