Job Openings Training Facilitator - Customer Care Training Team (IJP)

About the job Training Facilitator - Customer Care Training Team (IJP)

Primary Purpose

The role of the Training Facilitator is to instil a high level of customer care standards within our team, to improve our customer satisfaction. Every customer touch point should shine ensuring our customers only speak positively about their experience with the customer care team.

The Training Facilitator is responsible for Onboarding training, refresher training, resource creation, analysis and overall performance across multiple sites and BPOs as required.

You will analyze customer interactions, present your findings to the Training Lead and help train and coach our teams to be their best.

Although your primary focus is around training you will be required to assess the output of your training by reviewing agents' quality of performance when on queue post-training. You will do this by following the quality evaluation process.

Key Accountabilities

Training Delivery and Facilitation:
-Conduct training sessions, workshops, and seminars for our representatives, ensuring comprehension and skill acquisition.
-Employ various instructional techniques and formats to accommodate different learning styles.
-Provide ongoing coaching and support to reinforce learning and skill application.

Training Program Development:
-Support with the design, development, and implementation of training programs tailored to the needs of our contact centre team.
-Support with the creation of engaging and interactive training materials, including presentations, guides, and simulations.
-Regularly update training content to reflect industry trends, product updates, and best practices.

Content Management and Documentation:
-Maintain and update a comprehensive repository of training materials, resources, and documentation for easy accessibility by the team.
-Develop assessment tools to evaluate the effectiveness of training programs and gather feedback for continuous improvement.

Collaboration and Coordination:
-Collaborate with managers, subject matter experts, and other stakeholders to identify training needs and align content with clear objectives.
-Coordinate with internal and external departments to ensure training initiatives, align with product updates, internal strategies, and customer insights.

Performance Monitoring and Reporting:
-Monitor and assess the impact of training on performance and agent KPIs
-Complete all required reporting and training observations
-Complete admin tasks associated with pre-onboarding and onboarding