Job Openings Engineering Interface Manager (E1)

About the job Engineering Interface Manager (E1)

General Description of Role and Responsibilities:

  • The responsibility covers all the necessary interfaces and coordination of the design and engineering works managed to ensure the alignment of the scope and schedule of all projects.
  • Coordinate with the Technical Design teams to ensure the alignment of their design delivery schedule is aligned with a master schedule of project delivery.
  • Monitor the performance of the Design Consultant(s) to ensure the Design's correctness and completeness as well as compliance with the scope of work requirements.
  • Control and manage Senior Discipline Engineers of the Project Management Team with respect to Design aspects.
  • Evaluate and endorse variation orders/concession requests submitted by the Design Consultant(s) for the Client's approval.
  • Attend all meetings with the Design Consultant(s), his sub-consultants and Client's Meetings.
  • Review project design strategy and make recommendations to the client.
  • Assist and, monitor and ensure timely submittals of all documents from the Design Consultant(s) to all government departments until obtaining the final permits necessary to proceed with the works until completion.
  • Ensure that the consultant delivers tender documents as per the tendering plan.
  • Provide necessary project input data to the technical design consultants.
  • Regularly update the technical department on future project requirements.
  • Development and rectification of department operating structure [Org. Chart, Roles, Responsibilities] as well tools to be deployed [software, apply Intl best practice].
  • Informs themselves of the relevant Quality, Environmental, Safety and Occupational Health Policies, Manuals and Procedures within Hill International and ensures continued compliance with these requirements while employed by Hill.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the line manager/supervisor.

Qualifications, Experience, Knowledge and Skills:

  • Bachelor / Master of Engineering or from an accredited university.
  • Minimum 20 years experience in water and wastewater projects design and, engineering works, and project management.
  • Knowledge of water and wastewater master plan.
  • Excellent project management skills.
  • Experience in working with or management engineering consultants works.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.