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Cambridge, MA, United States

Department: Operations


What is Himalaya and what do we do? We are a one-of-a-kind podcast platform, audio content network, and original production studio. We connect podcast and audio creators to their audience while monetizing their content. We are working towrds streamlining the discovery of new content and increasing engagement between creators and audiences through the Himalaya app and its features. Overall, we want to build an open, intelligent and mutually benefical audio …

San Francisco, CA, United States

Department: Product


Himalaya Media Inc. in San Francisco, California, launches the best podcast apps benefitting both podcasters and listeners, is seeking an individual with enthusiasm in the industry to fill the position of Product Manager. Duties and Responsibilities: Collect and analyze apps users’ behavioral patterns through lab studies, field visits, surveys, benchmark studies and online experiments (A/B testing); Incorporate users’ feedbacks and business requirements into existing apps to improve performance; Design new …