Job Openings Senior Training Coordiantor

About the job Senior Training Coordiantor

- Develop and execute a training strategy that aligns with the company's objectives and
- Collaborate with the training team to design and develop training programs that meet
the needs of our employees and stakeholders
- Manage the training process from beginning to end, including scheduling, logistics,
and evaluation
- Provide feedback and support to trainers to ensure that their delivery is effective and
- Coordinate with stakeholders to ensure that training programs meet their expectations
and needs
- Manage and maintain training records and documentation
- Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of our training programs and provide
recommendations for improvement
- Stay up-to-date on industry trends and best practices in training and adult education
- Provide regular reports on training outcomes and feedback to the management team

Our Educational Management Process:
Coordination Tasks
A) Pre-course
1- Cold WhatsApp message/call.
2- Make our trainees sign our policy.
3- Creating WhatsApp and FB groups.
4- TAKE their emails and names.
5- Make for an intro session

B) During Course
1- Upload material
2- take 2 feedback 1 after session 2
And the other one documented feedback after the last session
3- Check instructor material and outlines coverage and performance
4- Take reviews (page - individual posts on their timeline)
5- send each quarter appreciation letter for instructors with numbers
6- Answer their inquiries on our groups

C) Gamification
1- Make games for each track online and offline
2- make funny games

D) Media Coverage:
Dreams as a water professional, Martin Goodman immaterial updated the collect water
in the bottle appreciation, literally mean Noura friend, read it for 1- Instagram coverage
2- group photos
3- funny coverage
4- workshop coverage
5- graduation coverage
6- videos case studies from our trainees