Job Openings Engineering Manager

About the job Engineering Manager


JOB CATEGORY: Facility Management


Job Summary

The position oversees all engineering/maintenance activities, encompassing the upkeep of the facility, premises, and physical infrastructure, with a primary focus on safety, security, and safeguarding of assets. Responsible for budget management, capital projects, proactive maintenance, and energy efficiency initiatives. Ensures compliance with applicable regulations and standards.

Qualifications & Requirements

  1. Bachelors degree from an accredited university in Building and Construction, Engineering, Mechanics, or related field
  2. 5 years experience in engineering management, preferably in the hospitality or hotel industry. Experience in overseeing large-scale projects and managing engineering teams is highly desirable.
  3. In-depth knowledge and understanding of engineering principles, systems, and processes relevant to the hotel industry. Familiarity with building codes, safety regulations, and environmental standards is essential.
  4. Project management experience in managing construction, renovation, and maintenance projects within strict timelines and budgets. Proficiency in project planning, resource allocation, and cost control.
  5. Proven ability to lead and motivate a team of engineers, technicians, and support staff. Strong leadership qualities, including effective communication, decision-making, and problem-solving skills.
  6. Proficiency in relevant engineering software, computer-aided design (CAD) programs, and project management tools. Familiarity with facility management systems and building automation systems.
  7. Professional certifications such as Certified Facility Manager (CFM), Professional Engineer (PE), or equivalent credentials are advantageous.


  1. Assures that facility rules and safety requirements are followed.
  2. Manages and regulates heat, light, and electricity and suggests the most effective techniques for energy saving and cost-effective facility operations.
  3. Creates criteria and specifications for service contracts, then manages those contracts to meet building demands.
  4. Distributes work orders for maintenance and repairs, and keeps track of their timeliness and quality.
  5. Directs and supervises the upkeep of the property's grounds, guest rooms, public areas, dining establishments, and recreational amenities.
  6. Creates a long-term strategy for proactive maintenance and asset protection, and then supervises the plan's execution.
  7. Performs monthly property inspection to ensure buildings and grounds are maintained in excellent condition. Conducts guest room and common area inspection to ensure guest satisfaction.
  8. Ensures that the certificates and licenses for the building are up to date and maintains the fire suppression gear, sprinkler systems, and alarm systems on the premises.
  9. Exhibits leadership in guest hospitality by modeling first-rate customer service and fostering good visitor relations.
  10. Examines feedback forms, visitor satisfaction scores, and other data to find areas that need improvement.
  11. Communicates plans with the management of the property and sees to it that remedial action is implemented to continually raise customer satisfaction.