Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan

Cold Caller (ZR-297)

 Job Description:

As a Cold Caller, you will play a crucial role in initiating contact with potential customers or clients who have not expressed prior interest in our products or services. Your primary objective will be to generate leads, schedule appointments, and ultimately contribute to the growth of our business. The ideal candidate will possess excellent communication skills, persistence, and a proactive attitude toward prospecting and outreach.


  • Prospecting: Identify and research potential clients or customers through various channels such as cold calling lists, online research, and networking platforms.
  • Outreach: Initiate outbound calls to prospects with the aim of introducing our products or services, and creating interest or awareness.
  • Pitching: Deliver a compelling and concise pitch to prospects, highlighting the unique value propositions and benefits of our offerings.
  • Qualifying Leads: Gather relevant information about prospects to determine their needs, budget, decision-making authority, and timeline for purchasing.
  • Appointment Setting: Schedule appointments or follow-up calls for qualified leads to be further pursued by sales representatives or account managers.
  • Maintaining Records: Keep detailed and accurate records of all interactions with prospects, including contact information, conversation summaries, and follow-up actions.
  • Feedback and Reporting: Provide regular feedback to the sales team on the effectiveness of different approaches and strategies, and contribute to improving the overall lead generation process. Generate reports on call activities, lead quality, and conversion rates.

  Required Skills:

Lists Cold Calling Lead Generation Decision-Making Purchasing Networking Records Research Business Communication Sales