Job Openings Backend Developer (Wallet)

About the job Backend Developer (Wallet)

Job Description

  • Background in backend web development in Typescript/Javascript (NodeJS).
  • Has experience in using version control (Git)
  • Decent amount of cloud management experience in any of the following
    • AWS
    • GCP
    • Azure
  • Knows their way around container technologies
    • Docker
    • Kubernetes
  • Knows their way around CI/CD pipelines in any of the following
    • Circle CI
    • GitLab CI
    • GitHub Actions
  • Experience in these technologies is a plus
    • ELK Stack / Prometheus
    • Terraform / Terraform CDK / Pulumi


  • Ensure that software releases go smoothly by automating CI/CD pipelines
  • Provision and maintain cloud resources using Infrastructure-as-Code techniques
  • Enable incident responses faster by setting up monitoring points in the infrastructure
  • Participate in incident responses together with the response team
  • Participate in production planning, or any environment needed
    • provisioning, migration workflows, maintenance, monitoring
  • Follow emerging technologies
  • Adapt to reasonable changes