Job Openings Design Manager

About the job Design Manager


We are looking for people who are coming from the Philippines and Serbia.


Experience in using Figma and Notion.

You have experience in managing and mentoring multiple designers in an in-house remote design team.

Knowledge of the fundamental design principles and the laws of UX.

Experience in working with Developers, Product teams, and stakeholders.

Prefers working remotely full-time.


Responsible for leading a team of designers and managing the design process for a product or project. This can include tasks such as setting design goals and objectives, managing timelines, and overseeing the development of design concepts and prototypes.

Responsible for communicating with other departments and stakeholders to ensure that the design meets the needs of the project and aligns with the overall goals of the company.

Responsible for mentoring and developing junior designers, and keeping up to date with the latest design trends and technologies.

You will be working closely and under the supervision of the Head of Design.

Develop contents that will help designers in managing the design team and organization that harmonizes the workflow collaboration of people as part of our Content Contribution practices.

Technical Skills
  • Identify information requirements, completeness, and accuracy and coordinate with stakeholders to determine the data required for analysis.
  • Apply change control procedures to prepare stakeholders for the change. Implement project plans for small projects or project modules.
  • Apply design thinking methodologies and execute design thinking processes to challenge norms and conventions in the organization.
  • Define content strategies and plans considering the target audience's needs.
Generic Skills
  • Address an immediate issue. Information from unrelated fields or applications generates multiple ideas to bring about a specific outcome.
  • Make decisions in a complex setting to achieve intended goals using a structured process and multiple sources of available information.
  • Detect and decipher the emotions of others to manage interpersonal relationships in social situations.
  • Lead by example at a team level. Encourage and guide others to adopt a point of view, make changes or take action. Provide a team environment that facilitates relationship building, teamwork, and the development of others.
The HOV Design Team

We are a group of designers who adapt the company's core value, Learning Machine by degrees. We primarily grow our core skills along with our soft skills as an individual and as a team, so we worked on building the habit of learning every day. The team also has a weekly ritual called Coffee Tuesdays. It's an hour session where we conduct a show about your work activity and feedback sharing. If this is an environment you're happy to be in, come and join us!

What it's like to work here

Always-on-time paycheck at the beginning of every month

An epic team you can learn from and rely on we help you with career growth and level up

Days off for your national holidays + vacation days (based on your present residency)

Open, respectful, and international culture. We welcome you, as you are, to work at High Output Ventures

Work from anywhere you're comfortable and productive

Paid books and courses. We really want you to learn and grow

Design hiring process
  1. Initial Interview
  2. Homework Skill Test
  3. Culture Fit Interview
Starting salary

3-month probationary period starts at PHP 57,000.00

About HOV

We partner with smart subject matter experts who want to bring their ideas to life. Building products and services that will create a meaningful and positive impact on the world we live in. We imagine a world where a vast majority of individuals go home every day fulfilled by their work, feeling that they have contributed to something larger than themselves.