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Production Floor Manager

The production Floor Manager works in Bulgaria. He is responsible for the quality level and the efficiency in the production line. He has technical knowledge about machines, settings of the machines but also the whole organization in the production line to make the outcome most efficient. Has the knowledge about making a garment and how to optimize the workmanship and production process. He is structured and not sensitive for stress. Find solutions when problems occur. He is also responsible for managing all the staff on the production floor, in the sewing line, cutting room and sample room. All communication will be in English. We will have digital updates every day. He reports to Brenda - project director. 

Skills & Responsibilities

  • Technical knowledge of making a garment
  • Technical knowledge of machines and settings
  • Create a most efficient production process
  • Responsible for quality control/outcome of production
  • Making the execution sheet per style
  • Make a weekly and monthly production planning with Brenda
  • Solve all weekly issues in the production line
  • Daily contact with Brenda about the general planning and efficiency of the factory
  • Daily contact with Production Coordinator about the planning of the styles fabric and trims
  • Daily contact with Production File Specialist about the planning of sampling and cutting
  • Motivate the staff on the floor
  • Evaluate the staff on the floor and hire new staff if needed
  • English communication in writing and speaking
  • Think with us for future growing plans for the factory


  • Pro active
  • Planner, structured
  • Get things done
  • Flexibility
  • People manager
  • Open & honest communication
  • Can handle deadlines
  • Think in solutions
  • Think along with improvements and needs of the production