Soap Production Manager

 Job Description:

Job Overview and Description

The Production Manager oversees the production process and coordinates all activities to ensure enough resources on hand. As well as make sure goods and services are produced safely, cost-effectively and on time and that they meet the required quality standards.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Take charge of the production department in general to achieve the company's operative and financial goals.
  • Develop the new products and adjust the formulas for the existing products according to the demands of market.
  • Draw up a production schedule according to the sales demand & inventory level.
  • Organize workflow to meet specifications and deadlines.
  • Set up the standards of operation, production process programs & quality standards and ensure the implement.
  • Supervise and evaluate performance of production personnel and identify training needs.
  • Monitor productivity rates and ensure the production will be cost effective.
  • Collate and analyze data, putting together production reports for management use.
  • Determine number of necessary resources (workforce, raw materials etc.)
  • Enforce health and safety precautions.

Job Requirement

  • University or above education level with Applied chemistry and/or relevant major
  • No less than 6 years of relevant work experience with supervisor/manager position
  • Planning and organizing skills to be able to run and monitor the production process.
  • Be able to act decisively and solve production and/or equipment related problems.
  • The ability to work under pressure and multitask.
  • Leadership skills and the ability to motivate others to achieve the targets.
  • experience in soap and detergent manufacturing factory as chemist or production manager
  Required Skills: