Job Openings (A) Group Internal Auditor

About the job (A) Group Internal Auditor

Job Title: Group Internal Audit

Business area: Finance

Reports to: London HQ

Location: Malaysia

Role Purpose

    The role is primarily to work within the Finance to monitor and evaluate how well risks are being managed, the business is being governed and internal processes are working.

    The successful candidate will help the management develop effective ICS (Internal Control Systems) and processes that will help highlight potential internal and external risks in performance and activities.

    The role will help senior management to provide evidence to stakeholders that they are managing the business effectively by identifying financial risks, control risks as well as recording and reporting risk. Internal audit will also advise on how Organization can improve systems, processes and work practices to ensure all the identified gaps can be minimized.

    2.0 Key Role Objectives

    1. Implementation of group policies on Organization's Internal Controls including the assessment on how well the business is complying to rules and regulations and informing management whether any issues need addressing
    2. performing risk assessments on key business activities and using this information to guide what to cover in audits
    3. attending meetings with auditees to develop an understanding of business processes;
    4. providing ad hoc advice and guidance to managers and staff at all levels, sometimes by delivering courses and training sessions;
    5. preparing reports to highlight issues and problems and distributing the reports to the relevant people

    2.0 Key Tasks

    1. The internal auditor shall attend the meetings with an understanding to develop the business process.
    2. Shall Travel to the different sites to get all information from various staff members.
    3. Shall provide ad hoc advice and guidance to managers and staff at all levels.
    4. Shall provide support and guidance to management on how to handle new opportunities.
    5. Shall manage a variety of stakeholders and their expectations through regular communications.
    6. Shall assess how well the business is complying with rules and regulations and informing management whether any issues need addressing;
    7. Ensure all policies and procedures are fully applied

    3.0 Key Responsibilities

    1. Evaluating risk management activities within the organization.
    2. Determining the organizations compliance with relevant laws and regulations.
    3. Evaluating and making recommendations that can assist in improving internal control.
    4. Investigating fraud via a fraud risk assessment that uses fraud deterrence principles.
    5. Offering an objective source of independent advice to help reach the goal and achieve legality and validity.
    6. Performing audit assignments assigned to them
    7. Learning and studying the organizations policy and guidelines.
    8. Identifying audit scope and developing annual plans within the organization.
    9. Gathering, analyzing, evaluating, and presenting accounting documentation, reports, data, and flowcharts.
    10. Following up the audits to monitor the managements intervention.
    11. Promoting ethics and identifying improper conduct within the company.
    12. Report any anomalies and highlight these to the regional FD, Group CFO & Group CEO

    4.0 Knowledge & Experience 

    1. At least 5 years' relevant experience in auditing.
    2. Experience and familiarity with Internal Audit functions and processes.
    3. Maturity and Strategic thinking
    4. Strong Analytical Skills and a good communicator
    5. Ability to work effectively on your own and as part of a team
    6. Adhere to the delivery deadlines and working under pressure.
    7. Exposure to complex process issues
    8. A good business sense & commercial acumen
    9. Have a college degree


    1. ACA or CIMA/ACCA Qualified
    2. Good knowledge of QuickBooks or sage
    3. Advanced Excel Skills
    4. Strong ethical standards and high levels of integrity
    5. Flexible thinking and ability to adapt to change