Job Openings Kitchen Staff

About the job Kitchen Staff

We are hiring a dedicated and hardworking candidate to join ILFORNO as a Kitchen Staff.

As a Kitchen Staff, you will be responsible for helping the Cooks and Chefs with meal preparations and delivery. You will also be responsible for organizing customers’ plates before you hand them over to the Waitstaff.

In addition to this, you should know all the food safety procedures. You should also be monitoring the stock levels and helping in unloading the food deliveries.

To be successful in this job role, you should have extraordinary organizational skills and the ability to work long working hours. You should also possess excellent time management skills and good communication skills.

If you can work in a fast-paced environment and willing to take up this job position, then apply now.


  • Organizing the kitchen station with all the required equipment.
  • Selecting various vegetables from the vendors required for the day.
  • Cleaning and seasoning meats.
  • Ensuring all the ingredients are fresh.
  • Washing, chopping, shredding, and grating ingredients as requested by the Head Chef.
  • Plating and garnishing the food items.
  • Ensuring the dish looks presentable and attractive.
  • Storing the food properly in the cold storage.
  • Checking the kitchen inventory and restocking the items as and when needed.
  • Ensuring the kitchen is always clean and sanitized.
  • Assisting the Kitchen Assistants, Cooks, Chefs, and other team members.
  • Reporting any mishaps in the kitchen to the Kitchen Manager.
  • Cleaning the trash bins as and when required.
  • Helping in the unloading of deliveries.
  • Maintaining all areas to health code standards.
  • Adhering to all the food hygiene and sanitation.


  • High school diploma
  • 2+ years of experience as a Kitchen Staff, Kitchen Assistant, or a similar role in the Hospitality industry.
  • Ability to stand for a long working period.
  • Excellent knowledge and understanding of food safety procedures.
  • Good communication skills especially verbal skills.
  • Outstanding time management skills.
  • Excellent customer service abilities.
  • Ability to work efficiently with all the kitchen equipment.
  • Ability to work in collaboration with the team members.