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About the job Recruitment Associate

At Ilara Health, we equip a network of small, peri-urban healthcare providers with life-saving and essential diagnostic tools to improve the quality of medical care across sub-Saharan Africa. As informal businesses, these clinics and pharmacies lack access to the traditional financial services typically used by SMEs to support their growth. Through smart financing options, Ilara Health connects these small businesses to revenue generating diagnostic assets that enable them to both develop their business and improve the quality of care they provide to their patients.

Company Overview 

As a company we are swift and proactive to decisive action in delivering the desired results and eliminating distractions that hinder us from achieving our desired results. We pride ourselves in being straightforward, clear, and concise about our needs & knowing when it's best to ask for help. As such, we are graceful in victory and own up to our mistakes. Our clients are important to us and we value our clients and relentlessly focus on providing our customers' promise, by building high quality systems, exercising operation discipline and planning for long-term scale. We cultivate empathy with our customers and continually seek to better understand their needs. At Ilara Health, we believe that growth is life and we equip each other to always spot useful opportunities for growth & to develop innovative ways to continuously improve. We explore our full potential daily and reinvent ourselves to be able to drive the desired growth for ourselves and our community. Doing it better is important to us and we never settle in everything that we do. We challenge our ideas of what’s possible in order to better meet our goals. We invite different perspectives, consider all variables including the resources we have available to implement an idea and explore all avenues we can to make a positive change possible.
About the Role
  • We are currently looking to hire for a Recruitment Associate. You will be responsible for supporting HR in the recruitment process and in the day to day hiring process.

Job Responsibilities
  • Building a candidate pipeline for the Sales department.

  • Supporting HR in the day to day hiring process

  • Supporting HR in streamlining the recruitment process

Minimum Requirements
  • At least 1 year experience working in a busy HR office environment.

  • Bachelor’s degree/diploma in a related field

  • An understanding of the recruitment process.

Behavioral Requirements
  • Be obsessed with people management

  • Good time management to prioritize work accordingly.

  • Be a Teamplayer

  • Ability to keep confidential information

Is preferred!
  • CHRP 

  • Previous experience in a startup environment

  • Travel reimbursements for travel expenses incurred at work- while going to the field. Please note that this does not cover for daily transportation to the office

  • Working with a team of smart, vibrant and diverse professionals.