Job Openings Pharmaceutical Technologist (Locum)

About the job Pharmaceutical Technologist (Locum)

Job Title : Pharmaceutical Technologist

Contract Type : Locum

Years of Experience : 2+ years

About Ilara Health

At Ilara Health we are building a network of technology-enabled primary healthcare clinics (PHCs) delivering affordable, quality healthcare to Africas under-served communities by partnering with local providers across the continent. Founded by entrepreneurs passionate about the role technology can play in improving health outcomes, Ilara Health helps over 2,000 clinics spread across Kenya to deliver care to over 3 million patients each year. Ilara Health is a venture-backed company on an aggressive growth path and this is an opportunity to get into an exciting, early stage startup that is bound to make an impact on healthcare outcomes in Africa.

Ilara Health brings together individuals from diverse backgrounds, including biochemists, data scientists, computer scientists, journalists, marketers, cybersecurity experts, and finance professionals. We are seeking team members who share our passion for primary healthcare, embrace bold questioning, and thrive on creating impactful solutions using technology. Committed to building a network of primary healthcare clinics (PHCs) that provide affordable, high-quality care to low and middle-income demographics in Africa, we are guided by our core values. These values shape our culture and actions. 'Get it done' reflects our dedication to excellence and delivering results for our clients. 'Growth is life' signifies our holistic approach to growth, embracing trial and error in our pursuit of excellence. 'Remember why we exist' anchors our focus on customers' needs, while 'Heart of a champion' propels us to go the extra mile. Our passion for 'Do it now' fuels innovation and learning, driving our commitment to improve healthcare access in Africa.

The Role

As a Pharmaceutical Technologist, you will play a key role in the efficient operation of our hospital-based pharmacies. This position offers an exciting opportunity to be part of a growing healthcare service that prioritizes patient care and operational excellence.


  • Medication Dispensing:
    • Accurately dispense prescription medications in accordance with physician orders and regulatory guidelines.
    • Provide clear and concise instructions to patients on medication usage.
  • Inventory Management:
    • Maintain proper inventory levels and reorder medications and supplies as needed.
    • Accurately record all transactions in the Ilara Health HMIS
    • Conduct regular audits to ensure accurate stock levels and expiration date monitoring.
  • Collaboration and Communication:
    • Work closely with other professionals at Ilara Health and at the clinic to ensure coordinated patient care.
    • Communicate effectively with Ilara Health team members and hospital staff.
  • Regulatory Compliance:
    • Ensure compliance with local regulations governing pharmacy practices.
    • Participate in quality assurance and continuous improvement initiatives.
  • Customer Service:
    • Provide excellent customer service to patients, addressing their inquiries and concerns.
    • Maintain a professional and approachable demeanor at all times.
  • Cleaning and Maintenance:
    • Perform regular cleaning tasks to ensure a sanitary and organized pharmacy environment.
    • Adhere to infection prevention and control standards and protocols to maintain a clean and safe workspace.
  • Billing:
    • Accurately process patient billing, ensuring compliance with billing regulations and hospital policies.
    • Address billing inquiries from patients and collaborate with the billing department as needed.
    • Collection of revenue and adhering to cash handling policies.
  • Day-to-Day Tasks:
    • Handle various day-to-day tasks to contribute to the smooth operation of the pharmacy.
    • Assist in administrative duties and maintain accurate records as required.


  • Licensed Pharmaceutical Technologist.
  • Minimum of 2 years of experience working in a hospital or clinical pharmacy setting.
  • Strong knowledge of pharmaceutical regulations and best practices.
  • Excellent attention to detail and organizational skills.
  • Effective communication and interpersonal abilities.
  • Tech-savviness: Comfortably navigate inventory softwares, EMR systems, and other digital tools to deliver seamless dispensing experiences.