Job Openings Engineering Manager

About the job Engineering Manager

Job Level: JL-7

Job Title: Engineering Manager

Years of Experience: 5+ Years In leadership and management roles within the technology sector, with a focus on engineering and software development

Reporting to: Co-CEO

About Ilara Health

At Ilara Health we are building a network of technology-enabled primary healthcare clinics (PHCs) delivering affordable, quality healthcare to Africas under-served communities by partnering with local providers across the continent. Founded by entrepreneurs passionate about the role technology can play in improving health outcomes, Ilara Health helps over 2,000 clinics spread across Kenya to deliver care to over 3 million patients each year. Ilara Health is a venture-backed company on an aggressive growth path and this is an opportunity to get into an exciting, early-stage startup that is bound to make an impact on healthcare outcomes in Africa.

Ilara Health brings together individuals from diverse backgrounds, including biochemists, data scientists, computer scientists, journalists, marketers, cybersecurity experts, and finance professionals. We are seeking team members who share our passion for primary healthcare, embrace bold questioning, and thrive on creating impactful solutions using technology. Committed to building a network of primary healthcare clinics (PHCs) that provide affordable, high-quality care to low and middle-income demographics in Africa, we are guided by our core values. These values shape our culture and actions. 'Get it done' reflects our dedication to excellence and delivering results for our clients. 'Growth is life' signifies our holistic approach to growth, embracing trial and error in our pursuit of excellence. 'Remember why we exist' anchors our focus on customers' needs, while 'Heart of a Champion' propels us to go the extra mile. Our passion for 'Do it now' fuels innovation and learning, driving our commitment to improve healthcare access in Africa.

The Engineering Manager Role

You will be at the forefront of the implementation of Ilara Health's digital strategy for innovation and automation, ensuring alignment with the overall organizational strategy. Your role involves overseeing technical processes, executing work plans, and guiding the organization's technology infrastructure. Collaboration, data protection, and team development are key aspects of this dynamic leadership position.


  • Design, oversee, and manage the technical processes and operational integrity of our technological services.
  • Develop and implement work plans to ensure the effective execution of departmental strategic objectives, with a focus on coordinating technology operations within defined deadlines and budgets.
  • Guide the implementation and maintenance of our organization's technology infrastructure, including analytics systems, databases, dashboards, and visualizations, to ensure robust, cost-effective, and stable functionality.
  • Drive improvements in existing tools and processes to meet evolving organizational needs and incorporate user feedback.
  • Define and cultivate the engineering culture, collaborating with engineers and stakeholders to establish engineering standards and best practices.
  • Enforce team SLAs and SOPs for development and issue response.
  • Manage the development and implementation of technical data protection procedures to ensure compliance with the 2019 Data Protection Act and other relevant regulations.
  • Collaborate with management, team leads, and team members to design and implement new processes, resolve issues, and ensure the viability and reliability of solutions.
  • Lead, develop, and motivate the Technology team, including upskilling and training in current best practices, and conduct performance evaluations to promote professional growth and staff motivation.
  • Manage the technical processes and operational integrity of our technological services by collaborating closely with the Product Manager to ensure that the technical processes are aligned with our product development goals and provide advisory support in technology-product integration.
  • Mentoring and development of Engineering talent

  • 5+ years of experience with at least 2 of them in an engineering leadership role
  • Built and scaled software to enterprise grade.
  • Working in a fast-paced and agile environment
  • Experience working with SQL databases
  • Experience working with large databases and maintaining/updating a complex data model
  • Experience with Java, JavaScript/Typescript and Python
  • Experience using data visualization tools in a complex, fast-paced environment
  • Experience managing technical partners and consultants
Who You Are
  • Your strength lies in overseeing technical processes and ensuring operational integrity.
  • You excel in strategic planning, achieving departmental objectives on time.
  • You're dedicated to maintaining a robust and cost-effective technology infrastructure.
  • You're a problem solver, continuously improving tools and processes.
  • You shape the engineering culture, setting standards and best practices.
  • You enforce team SLAs and SOPs, ensuring smooth operations.
  • You're well-versed in data protection regulations and compliance.
  • Collaboration is your forte, designing solutions and resolving issues.
  • You have strong strategic and technical vision to guide engineering priorities and roadmaps.
  • As a people-oriented leader, you guide team development and motivation, fostering growth and upskilling.
  • Collaborative cross-functional partner