Job Openings Training and Workshops Product Coordinator

About the job Training and Workshops Product Coordinator

The program coordinator is responsible for supporting various tasks of the training and workshops team.

The primary roles of the incumbent include:

  1. Coordinating with RMs, external clients, and internal resources to organize and set up training and workshops.
  2. Providing technical and logistical support to deliver training and workshops in all modalities (virtual, hybrid, face-to-face, etc).
  3. Collecting, analyzing, and reporting data for post-session insights.
  4. Effectively and efficiently managing all tasks and resources entrusted to him/her.

Scope of accountabilities include the following areas of program operations:

1. Product Delivery

a. Organization, customization, and presentation of webinars, workshops, trainings, interventions, and other services in different modalities (virtual, hybrid, and face-to-face).

2. Product Management

a. Maintenance of quality and relevance of training products

b. Maintenance of accuracy and organization of other pertinent data such as training statistics, feedback, etc

3. Advocacy Initiatives

a. Development and promotion of advocacy projects

b. Collaboration with other programs on special mental health and wellness advocacy events

4. Products and Services Research and Development

a. Conceptualization and research of new training products

b. Design and development of new training products

c. Improvement of training quality and services

d. Improvement of internal systems and processes

Functional Knowledge/ Technical Expertise:

  • Presentation and communication skills
  • Customer relationship management
  • Proficiency in Google Workspace (Docs, Slides, Sheets) and
  • Microsoft Office (Word, Powerpoint, Excel)
  • Proficiency in any graphic design applications such as
    Canva, Adobe Illustrator, etc
  • Knowledgeable in using various webinar hosting platforms
    such as Zoom, MS Teams, GoToWebinar, WebEx, etc.
  • Organizational skills
  • PR and promotion skills