Job Openings Business Finance Staff

About the job Business Finance Staff

The Business Finance role is mainly responsible for ensuring that counseling services provided by In-Touch to its clients are appropriately captured in our system to facilitate counselor payments, monitor client collections and gather data to support the company in achieving business goals.


  • Handle database management for SFP, SUB, ITS, CPS, PRB, PRC, CPP, and EAP/EWP
  1. Assign unique E Slip number per session rendered
  2. Data entry for counseling/psychiatric sessions, workshops/seminars, and other consultant/counselor attributable activities to the organization accurately and in a timely manner
  3. Confirm that entered data accurately aligns with the local database and correct any errors and/or duplication and other erroneous encoded data (e.g., codes, session dates) in a timely manner
  4. Maintain all encoded data in the system (local database)
  • Engage in the new case management system
  1. Analyze and examine data coming up with accurate and efficient information to help the company make important decisions
  • Official Receipt (OR) processing
  1. Assign OR numbers and write OR details manually
  2. Send a scanned copy of the ORs to requesting clients every day
  • Support calendar management for payment processing
  1. Confirm client bookings in counselors In Touch calendars and send payment notifications
  2. Monitor and verify client payments
  3. Maintain good consultant/counselor relations
  • Support billing and collection for Direct Clients (self-pay and subsidized
  1. Send daily invoice/payment notifications with upcoming bookings
  2. Address standard client billing and payment queries; Escalate any other client issues, as appropriate
  • Support Accounts Receivable monitoring and analysis for Direct Clients
  • Support EAP/global provider processing
  • Maintain constant and positive communication with management
  • Participate and provide support in the process improvement initiatives in Business Finance