Job Openings Information Technology Associate

About the job Information Technology Associate

Information Technology is an integral part of the In Touch business and becoming more critical as the organization grows; it must ensure operations are cohesive, cost effective and secure.

The role of the IT Department is to:

  1. Establish IT strategy, policies and procedures (governance) to meet current and future needs while addressing client satisfaction, data security, and cost effectiveness.

  2. Ensure the overall computer system (hardware, software, networks, telephony, website etc) is configured to meet established needs, are appropriately used by staff/volunteers/consultants and are operationally functional at all times

  3. Establish and implement data security standards

Within the IT Department, the role of the IT Associate is to:

IT Strategy

‐ Assist in the development and implementation of IT strategy, policies and procedures to increase efficiency, enhance workflow and improve customer satisfaction

‐ Collect IT usage stats, in particular related to data security

‐ Maintain inventory of Technology

‐ Test and evaluate new IT solutions; make recommendations

‐ Provide inputs for possible upgrades and changes within the IT department Overall Computer System

‐ Train users on best practice use of system; provide orientation and guidance to users on new software and hardware

‐ Set up workstations and necessary peripheral devices

‐ Periodic check of hardware to ensure functionality

‐ Install and configure appropriate software and functions according to specifications

‐ Perform troubleshooting to diagnose and resolve problems (repair or replace parts, debugging, etc)

‐ Organize and schedule upgrades and maintenance without deterring from workflow

‐ Develop and maintain local networks to optimize performance

‐ Identify computer or network equipment needs and, if within budget, place orders.

‐ Maintain relationships with hardware and software vendors

‐ Critical role: to maintain the performance, integrity and security of the database, including periodic audits and reports

‐ Critical role: to oversee the cleansing of hardware in accordance with Data Privacy Policy

Data Security

‐ Assist in establishing standards to secure data, networks and systems comply with Data Privacy policies (at a minimum)

‐ Establish access and connectivity authorization and approvals

‐ Protect company data from outside infiltration through encryption, secure data storage other necessary means

‐ Establish secure back-up system and standards for critical software

‐ Monitor to ensure compliance with data security standards, i.e.:

o Periodic audit and reporting on access to secured programs (data base)

o Periodic audit and reporting on data security procedures (locked computers)