Job Openings EWP Coordinator

About the job EWP Coordinator

The main responsibilities of the EWP Account Coordinator are to work closely with the EWP Account Manager in providing support in the day-to-day handling of corporate-related accounts of InTouch and serve as a primary point of contact (POC) for Clients. Key duties include:

  • - Develop and maintain strong, long-lasting relationships with client employees, both direct and as a sub-contractor to the global service providers
  • - Take the lead in managing skill-building training/talks, workshops, orientations, and EWP-related events, ensuring high quality standards of InTouch service are consistently provided
  • - Closely work with Helpline Coordinator on strengthening EWP related services and securing needed feedback and reports
  • - Prepare reports and/or ensure timely reporting as required by contracts and ED
  • - Assist the Account Manager in responding to complaints as they arise to timely resolution; process improve as needed


1. Client/Account Management Assistance

  • a. Be known as the point of contact for company Clients and as such be responsible for ensuring Clients are delighted and satisfied with our service.
  • b. Manage Client needs with the delivery capabilities of InTouch services.
  • c. Responsible for managing database and reporting

2. EWP Talk/Training/Workshop Coordination

Main objective: Be known as the main POC for training coordination with both training providers and Clients.

  • a. Promote workshops/training to In Touch existing and prospective clients and aim to achieve monthly target training hours
  • b. Ensuring logistical requirements are met for training engagements

3. EWP Helpline Collaboration

Main objective: Ensure the EWP related services are provided in accordance with In Touch standards. Submissions of feedback and needed reports are done in a timely manner.

4. Liaison to internal In Touch units (Service Providers)

Main objective: Partner to ensure the internal service units understand the needs of the EWP Clients and delivery standards. Monitor standards and quality; communicate status with other units and together drive toward delivery excellence. Other units and their responsibilities are:

  • a. Counseling Coordinator Appointments, onsite and CIR counselor matching
  • b. Helpline Coordinator - work with the Helpline Coordinator as the POC for employee intake and helpline first responder services, client-counseling matching and regular reporting on EWP calls stats
  • c. Admin -- Database, Reporting updates, Client Form updates
  • d. Accounting Invoicing, monitoring and updates on Outstanding Accounts Receivables

5. Quality Control

Main objectives:

  • a. Ensure the minimum service delivery standards are met while continuing to achieve better/best practice standards
  • b. Monitor service delivery of all internal InTouch units to ensure accordance with Service Agreements
  • c. Tabulate and evaluate feedback results in training/workshops for sharing with Client and the concerned InTouch facilitator or counselor
  • d. Address any complaints in a professional and timely manner; apply process improvement as needed