Job Openings Scrum Master

About the job Scrum Master


We are  looking for an experienced Scrum Master who is able to facilitate the scrum processes within scrum teams. This person will work within the Web channel domain and will be responsible of scrum delivery teams. He is fully aware of the concepts of agile software development, scrum, kanban, XP...

His challenge will also be to explain and promote the “agile mindset” by his experience, by teaching by example, leading by example… And potentially challenge the persons to improve even more their process.


Roles & Responsibilities

·         Ensures that issues and impediments are addressed to the right people outside of the team

·         Removes impediments and prevents distraction so that the team can come up with the best possible solution to achieve the sprint goals

·         Helps the team and the organization to apply agile methodologies in order to provide added value to the customer

·         Guides the team to become self-organizing and work in a multidisciplinary way

·         Guides the team to become self-steering regarding the use of methods and techniques for the team to achieve tangible results

·         Determines the maturity of the team and coaches the team to increase the this agile maturity at a suitable pace for the team and the organization

·         Ensures a safe environment of trust where problems can be addressed without finger pointing and negative judgment

·         Facilitate discussion, decision-making and solving of conflicts

·         Facilitate in achieving the foreseen results without assigning tasks

·         Assist with inside and outside communication of the team with the purpose to maximize transparent and valuable information

·         Support the product owner with the maintenance of the product backlog

·         Support the team from the practices of servant leadership and lead by example

·         Facilitate the rituals and discipline the team in doing so: backlog refinement, sprint planning, stand-up , sprint review, sprint retrospective

·         Ensure transparency towards stakeholders ( product owner, PMO, Management Team)



Experience & expertise

·         University, or equivalent by experience,

·         At least 5 years of experience in IT deliveries

·         Knowledge of other methodologies like Kanban, XP...

·         At least 2 years of experience in Scrum and agile management

·         Following experiences are considered an asset:

o   Experience in a telecom company


·         Stimulates and facilitates a close collaboration and solidarity within the team and their environment

·         Continuously focusing on the end goal

·         Coordinates with other teams

·         Communicative for different levels in the organization

·         Good listener and providing valuable feedback

·         Servant leader, facilitate, be aware of the situation, conflict solving, continuously improving, enhance transparency

·         Using the right techniques and methods and the right moment in time (retrospective, pair programming, work in progress limits, test automation)

·         Sustain standards and values of the team

·         Facilitates problem solving outside of the team to get to quick solutions

·         Is empowering, diplomatic and professional

·         Organization sensitive


Personal Skills

·         Ability to work in a large company

·         Ability to communicate in English

·         Ability to work independently and in a team

·         Ability to work in an environment in which the priorities are often changing

·         Ability to teach and coach

·         Customer, solution and improvement minded

·         Pro-active and can-do attitude

·         Team player