Job Openings Back-end Developer

About the job Back-end Developer

Job Scope
  1. To implement backend components of Enterprise Web apps based on the requirements of our internal product (INKR CMS, INKR Access, INKR Localize).
  2. To provide backend maintenance and optimization for Enterprise Web apps to ensure stability for our users (Content Ops team, Content publishers, Freelancers).
  3. To handle ad-hoc project based on requirements from Project Manager.
Job Outcomes
  1. New Enterprise Web apps delivered and existing Enterprise Web apps maintained and optimized in order to meet our stakeholders' requirements and expectations.
  2. Reusable code which is in compliance with INKR Clean Code principles and team lead instructions. Design Patterns are preferable.
Job Specifications
  • Domain Expertise
    • Backend Web Engineering.
  • Experience Requirements
    • At least 02 years of experience.
  • Skills / Knowledge Requirements
    • Must-Haves 
      • NodeJS.
    • Should-Haves
      • Swagger.
      • Postman.
    • Nice-To-Haves 
      • Golang.
Job Partnership
  • Stakeholder List 
    • Content Publishers.
    • Content Executives.
    • Freelancers.
  • Peer List
    • Project Managers.
    • Other Developers.
    • QA.
  • Direct Report
    • Head of IT & Enterprise Solutions.
  • Indirect Report
    • Co-head of IT & Enterprise Solutions.
At INKR, we've learnt that at the end of the day, we bring in the people, not the skillset, so here are what we can answer you beyond the job itself:
What does it take to be successful in this role?
  • Clean code.
  • Be a good team player.
  • Good timeliness management.
  • Curious of doing things in a better way.
What is open for me beyond this role as a career?
  • Senior Developer.
  • Get you ready to be anywhere you'd like to outside of INKR.
What does the probation assessment look like?
Top 3 Reasons To Join Your Team
  • We've learned to adapt to ever-changing advanced technology as we scale. Our products are built with the best technology at the time and ready to change to a better one as given in future.
  • Any feedback and opinions are genuinely open to our team, there is no boss, you are convinced to do your work and the only righteousness is what best for our business and users.

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