Job Openings Visual Designer

About the job Visual Designer

Job Scope
  • Work with Content Experience designer to come up with visual design solutions (including graphic designs, illustrations, or motion graphics / videos) for various business needs (content presentation, content marketing, customer outreach, etc.).
    • Gather design requirements and insights from Content Experience designer and other stakeholders (Content Ops, Marketing Specialist, Product Experience, etc.)
    • Work with Content Experience designer.
    • Generate design options for assigned projects.
    • Work with Content Experience designer to set out Key Visuals for assigned projects.
    • Execute final design and deliver necessary artifacts for assigned projects.
  • Follow up post-delivery to ensure correct implementation of design requirements.
  • Participate in building and maintaining our Content Visual guidelines for different types of content presentations and marketing materials.
Job Outcomes
  1. Help increase content reach with engaging content presentation and marketing materials.
  2. Help attract new customers and improve customer satisfaction with engaging look & feel, tailored for various groups of comic lovers.
  3. Help improve efficiency of content-selling efforts through contributing to building guidelines for content presentation and marketing materials.
Job Specifications
  • Domain Expertise
    • Graphic Design / Visual Design
  • Experience Requirements
    • Relevant experience (2-3 years) in Graphic Design / Visual Design
    • Have experience with Motion Graphics and Illustration (2-3 projects)
  • Skills / Knowledge Requirements
    • Must-Haves
      • Proficient in visual theories: layout, color, typography, Gestalt theory, Golden Ratio, etc., and their application to design.
      • Ability to perform Visual Design design tasks (for Graphic, Motion Graphic, and Illustration tasks and projects), including generating visual options, and executing final artworks based on requirements.
      • Ability to conduct visual research, gather understandings in terms of content, customer needs, and business needs to form design requirements
      • Ability to communicate with other stakeholders of projects/tasks
      • Up-to-date knowledge of design softwares like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, After Effects, Figma, etc.
      • Self-driven, good time-management skills.
      • Passion in graphic / visual designs
      • Detail-oriented
    • Should-Haves
      • Strong understanding of comic-related content / Being a comic fan
      • Strong empathy: understanding a customer / users contexts, expectations, frustrations, goals, etc. can help you create relevant designs to solve real problems.
      • Good command of English.
      • Team spirit; strong communication skills to collaborate with various stakeholders.
    • Nice-To-Haves
      • Curiosity / interest in human psychology and behaviors.
Job Partnership
  • Stakeholder List
    • Customers / users: INKR customers / users
    • Peers: N/A
    • Partners:
      • Platform Experience Department members (Head of Department, Content Experience designer, Product Experience designer, UI/UX designer)
      • Content Operation Department members (Content Marketing / Promotion specialist)
  • Direct Report
    • Head of Platform Experience
  • Indirect Report
    • Content Experience Designer
At INKR, we've learnt that at the end of the day, we bring in the people, not the skillset, so here are what we can provide you beyond the job itself:
What does it take to be successful in this role?
  • Ability to deal with uncertainty and adapt, to deal with ongoing events, running content experiments, and flexible plans.
  • The awareness of your design impacts, and the drive to create positive impacts on our products.
What is open for me beyond this role as a career?
  • Senior Visual Designer
  • Content Experience Designer
What does the probation assessment look like?
  • First month:
    • 100% Visual design tasks assigned by Content Experience designer, or Head of Department must be delivered by agreed deadlines (except for cases in which contexts are changed, e.g. updated briefs, new requirements, etc.)
    • 100% of assigned tasks meet Content Experience required standard with NO MORE than 2 rounds of feedback (except for cases in which contexts are changed, e.g. updated briefs, new requirements, etc.)
    • Acquiring adequate Figma skills: can put up mockups and simple prototypes to test visual designs on actual product screens after being guided by teammates.
    • Adaptability / Culture-fit:
      • NEVER make assumptions or neglect project requirements. ALWAYS ask to verify project scopes/needs and deadlines if unclear.
      • ALWAYS discuss if you don't find the requirements justified (if you cant answer: Why should we do this?). Everyone is open for discussions, even our CEO.
      • ALWAYS seek feedback from other stakeholders to reflect on learnings and improve.
  • Second month:
    • Everything included in the first-month-checkpoint.
    • Ability to gather requirements and come up with plans for some visual projects (write their own task brief, instead of purely debriefing like in the first month).
Top 3 Reasons To Join Your Team

We genuinely believe in combining the understandings of both humans and technology to craft experiences that are not only useful and delightful, but can also create behavioral change and positive impacts.

To do so, we have built a team culture that foster not only professional excellency and collaboration, but also respect and nurture personal growth.

Here's something about us to help you imagine what it's like to be part of the team:

  • We are playful. We cannot live without laughters. We love sharing from the most random thoughts to big crazy "what-ifs". There is always room for jokes and wild imagination no matter how hard we work. Because how do we improve anyone else's experience, if we don't know how to enjoy life ourselves?
  • We put people first. We see people for who they are and who they aspire to become, not as cogs in the machine. We respect differences in backgrounds, perspectives, and preferences. So no unnecessary social pressure to blend in or impress. Just come as you are, and focus on growing into nobody else but your best self.
  • We are driven by growth. Most of the time, that means we move at a crazy speed. We learn and adapt to new things every single hour of the day, from new knowledge about user behaviors, new industry insights, new tools, to new plans. We built, measure, learn, and iterate constantly.

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