Job Openings Korean Business Development Executive (Webtoon)

About the job Korean Business Development Executive (Webtoon)

Job Scope
  1. Research suitable content that INKR readers would read and pay for
    1. Keep tab on industry’s trends and relevant events
  2. Work out optimal deals to secure the required content from Content Partners
    1. Build up contacts and maintain relationships with CPs
    2. Negotiate contract terms and facilitate contract signing
  3. Coordinate with production team for effective release schedule and promotion of the content
    1. Ensure suitable localization requirements depending on the content’s appeal and launch plan
  4. Collaborate with Platform and Marketing teams to attract new readers to INKR
    1. Brainstorm and propose content events and secure necessary clearance from CPs
Job Outcomes
  1. GMV: if you do your job well, our Gross Merchandise Value should increase reflecting on our capability to sell and promote content to the right readers.
  2. Strong relationship with CPs: it’s important to maintain and build rapport with our CPs not only to secure content at a more favorable terms, but also to enable us to have more freedom when it comes to content pricing and promotion.
Job Specifications
  • Domain Expertise
    • Comics licensing
    • Content promotion
  • Experience Requirements
    • Content licensing experience
    • Business development
  • Skills / Knowledge Requirements
    • Must-Haves
      • Content understanding
      • Language: English, Korean
      • Good communication skills with internal and external stakeholders
      • Negotiation skills
    • Should-Haves 
      • Data analysis
      • Project management
      • Networking skills to broaden and strengthen your industry connections
    • Nice-To-Haves
      • Craft and propose strategic plans to further advance INKR & the Content Dept’s goals
Job Partnership
  • Stakeholder List 
    • INKR Readers
    • INKR Content Partners
  • Peer List 
    • Localization Project Managers
    • Content Onboarding Manager
    • Packaging Managers
    • Other departments.
  • Direct Report 
    • Head of Operations

At INKR, we've learnt that at the end of the day, we bring in the people, not the skillset, so here are what we can provide you beyond the job itself:

What does it take to be successful in this role?
  • Great understanding of the content industry and networks is your weapon to join the battle field.
  • Winning a tough deal is the most exiting job you’ve experienced and longed for more in your career.
What is open for me beyond this role as a career?
  • Head of Content Licensing.
What does the probation assessment look like?
  • Assessment from Direct Report on actual work achieved.
  • Feedback from team members on working dynamics.
What are the top 3 reasons to join your department?
  • Directly have a say in which content to secure, localize, and promote, you have the ownership you desire to fulfill the job.
  • Broaden your network in the global content industry, both with big-name publishers and rising indie artists.
  • And be the first to read some of the best comics around.

Last but not least, check out our story at:

And hope to talk to you soon!