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About the job Technician

Technician (Tool and Equipment Hire Industry) Port Elizabeth

Our client in the tool and equipment hire / lifting and rigging industry is looking for a Technician to assist in repair and maintenance of Engine driven Electrical and Pneumatic equipment and prevent an unsafe machine from being utilized.


  • Assess and test defective machines, and fault find and submit to supervisor/s of repair needs.
  • Disassemble machines and take off parts for replacement or repair.
  • Examine or carry out tasks on broken machine parts and identify defective parts.
  • Install, replace or change machine parts and attachments, according to manufacturers and Renttech specifications.
  • Reassemble machines after the completion of repair or maintenance work.
  • Replace, fix or realign machine parts and accessories in line with manufacturers and Renttech specifications.
  • Understanding and commissioning of PLC’s, knowledge on deep sea controllers will be advantageous.
  • Strong electrical and auto electrical understanding, diesel mechanical knowledge.
  • Start machines and observe mechanical operation to determine efficiency and to detect problems.
  • Collaborate with other workers to repair or move machines, machine parts or equipment.
  • Maintain a neat and organised work environment.
  • Requisition machine parts, equipment, and other supplies so that machines can be maintained and repaired.
  • Read work orders and specifications to determine machines and equipment requiring repair or maintenance and prioritise according to supervisor’s requirements.
  • Record maintenance information.
  • Function test machines, and adjust controls to regulate operations.
  • Conduct any other reasonable request by management from time to time.

Education, Training, Skills and Experience Required

  • Minimum Qualification: Matric/ Grade 12.
  • Tertiary Qualification: Qualified Millwright or Diesel mechanic Other.
  • Handling machines and machine parts.
  • Must exhibit outstanding ability to learn and comprehend the fundamentals of the functioning of machines.
  • Excellent understanding of Electrical, mechanical and/or hydraulic and pneumatic systems related to screw compressors, generators and diesel lighting plants in troubleshooting, repair, deductive reasoning and schematics.
  • Ability to achieve general maintenance essentials for all machines.
  • Good English, written and spoken.
  • Skilled in coordinating deliverables.
  • Trustworthy.
  • Candidate must be very organized and able to prioritize tasks.
  • Ability to perform duties and deliberate speed and accuracy without immediate and constant supervision.
  • Candidate must be friendly, personable and able to build harmonious working relationships with clients, co-workers and general public.
  • Ability to exercise good judgment in recognizing scope of authority and protecting confidential information.