Job Openings Spanish Interpreter (Auburn Area)

About the job Spanish Interpreter (Auburn Area)


This is an independent contract self-employment position with a flexible work schedule.

The interpreter will be providing interpreting services primarily in the healthcare setting. Job site locations are mainly in Auburn. The amount of assignments depends on the volume of requests for specific languages and the interpreter's qualifications.


  • Fluency in the target language(-s)
  • Experience performing interpreting work accurately, completely, and clearly with the greatest possible fidelity to the spirit and letter of the original communication in medical, legal, and other types of interpretation
  • Ability to orally interpret information from the target language into English, and from English into the target language
  • Ability to interact with and relate to non-English speaking persons of any background and culture
  • Ability to effectively meet the communication needs of the general public, medical staff, community, governmental agencies, and internal committees
  • Combination of formal training and/or relevant experience
  • Possession, or willingness to obtain medical clearances, including but not limited to vaccination/immunization records, and background clearances as needed
  • Possession of a valid California license
  • Access to a cell phone
  • Access to a computer and/or smartphone


Interlingva Inc. is an interpreting and translating agency with headquarters in Sacramento. The company engages in providing linguistic services to Limited English Proficiency patients within healthcare entities.