Job Openings RT Ethical Hacking Senior Manager

About the job RT Ethical Hacking Senior Manager

Ethical Hacking Red Team Senior Manager, core responsibility overview:

  • As a senior manager, you lead and guide your team in all important issues and make a significant contribution to the success of projects
  • Work with a global mindset with teams based in the UK, Germany, and other Middle Eastern countries
  • Deliver and manage complex client engagements requiring the use
    of offensive security tools and techniques to to identify weaknesses
    in client IT environments by legally breaking into computer systems,
    websites, mobile applications and wireless platforms as part of real
    world simulated attack scenarios
  • Contribute to the creation of new private and public tooling to
    enhance deliver capabilities
  • Work closely with a dedicated development team to research and
    weaponize new vulnerabilities and techniques for bypassing endpoint
    security solutions
  • Maintain and develop relationships with a portfolio clients,
    understanding their needs, producing proposals to address them and
    providing risk based recommendations on security matters
  • Work with clients to review and enhance the security of key
    platforms such as Azure AD, Office 365 and a variety of supporting
    cloud platforms including IaaS and SaaS
  • Act as a technical SME for collaborative projects with other teams
    such as Incident Response and Threat Intelligence
  • Develop new products and services to ensure we remain at the
    forefront of the industry

Role requirements:

  • Extensive practical experience in delivering red team services to customers
  • Expert user in a variety of common operating systems such as Windows,
    Linux and MacOS
  • Experienced in using a wide variety of command and control frameworks such
    as Cobalt Strike and Mythic
  • Experience of working covertly where evading a proactive blue team is a
  • Good working knowledge of Azure AD, AWS, Office 365 and common cloud
    hosting platforms
  • Strong Active Directory knowledge and familiarity with offensive enumeration
    techniques, including public tooling such as BloodHound, and PingCastle
  • Practical experience of building and automating red team infrastructure
    Extensive knowledge of security testing requirements and techniques,
    demonstrated by Cyber Security Industry qualifications (i.e. CRTO,
  • At least 8 years of relevant work experience
  • Open minded seeking innovative solutions
  • Ability to work within a fast-paced & unstructured environment
  • Ability to adapt to and communicate with different working styles
  • Ability to interact efficiently with senior members of the firm across
    multiple time zones