Job Openings Head of Commercial (CFO) - Indonesia

About the job Head of Commercial (CFO) - Indonesia

Position Highlights

· The Candidate will oversee a team of approximately 40 people

· Core areas of oversight include: Finance and Accounting, MIS, Cost Management, General Procurement, Expansion Procurement, Supplier Management, Supply-Chain optimization, Warehouse & Stores Management

Job Profile

· Oversee all Finance and Accounting matters for the Company

· Oversee the management of all fiscal reporting for the organization

· Heavy focus on monthly MIS analytics, with a view to improving operating efficiencies and reducing costs

· Oversee general procurement matters, with a view to optimizing and pricing and supply terms

· Oversee capital expansion procurement matters, bridging between Engineering/Ops teams and suppliers

· Structure a detailed tax planning strategy to avail of tax incentives, and optimize the tax filings

· Work with Group and external Audit agencies to finalize the annual financial audits

· Work with external Tax, Legal and other consultants on an on-going basis to ensure compliance with the latest financial updates from regulatory agencies and shape Companys budgets and policies accordingly

· Annual financial budgeting, which includes a bottoms-up financial analysis, with rigorous analytical modelling of individual inputs to build-up to a Company level budget

· Oversee the production of monthly reports including reconciliations with Banks, as well as develop financial statements and monthly/annual cash flow projections for use by Executive management and various committees and / or the Board of Directors

· Develop and maintain systems of internal controls to safeguard financial assets of the organization

· Oversee all matters relating to stores, warehouse and customs management

Qualification & Experience

· Candidate should currently be working as an existing Head of Commercial or CFO level

· Experience in a manufacturing organization is a pre-requisite. Familiarity with medical device companies or high-precision engineering corporates is a plus

· At least 15 years of experience in Financial and Commercial Operations at an organization of at least 500 people. Desired candidate age range is 45 50 years of age

· Track record of demonstrated, quantifiable, professional achievement, including the ability to lead teams

· Strong understanding of monthly MIS cost reporting, hands-on ERP experience (Oracle) including the ability to coordinate with IT staff for system implementation, and the ability to oversee key corporate functions such as cash management, accounts receivables etc.

· Outstanding knowledge of IFRS accounting standards. Knowledge of taxation guidelines also would be considered a plus

· Excellent spoken and written skills required. Strong proficiency in Excel and Word necessary

· Excellent analytical, reasoning and problem-solving skills

· Completion of a Bachelor's degree in Finance, and a Masters degree (preferably an MBA in Business or Finance) at accredited Universities

· Chartered Accountant (CA) or equivalent certifications preferred