Job Openings Secretary

About the job Secretary

Overview:The Secretary is responsible for carrying out clerical, phone and administrative responsibilities while simultaneously representing the executive office. He /She must be detail oriented, can multitask and be professional. The secretary often coordinates inter-departmental work projects and serves as a liaison between his/her line manager and both internal and external clients. It is a position that demands great communication skills, flexibility, proactive logistics, and efficiency, with demands and expectations prone to change on a day-to-day basis. As with all employees, the Secretary is responsible for ensuring professional ethics are never compromised, understanding and complying with company and regulatory policies and procedures. Always treat all internal and external resources with respect, communicating, reinforcing and leveraging the unique value of each individual and always acting with the highest degree of honesty and integrity. Models and acts in accordance with the company's mission, vision, core values, priorities, and brand promises.
Essential Job Functions & Responsibilities:
Administrative Duties 1. Manage professional and personal scheduling for the Managing Director, including preparation of agendas, mail, email, calls, travel arrangements, client management, and other company logistics. 2. Coordinate complex scheduling and extensive calendar management, as well as management of outgoing content and flow of information. 3. Perform administrative and office support, such as typing, dictation, spreadsheet creation, presentation creation, report creation, maintenance of filing system, minutes of meetings and contact database.

Internal and External Communication
1. A Managing Directors secretary is frequently his representative outside the company. 2. Requests for the Managing Director are typically funnelled through the secretary, such as requests for conference calls, public speaking engagements and professional organizational activities. 3. The secretary might also be responsible for handling publicity and media requests and planning company parties and events.
Additional Responsibilities 1. Arranges travel, accommodation, itineraries, visas and all correspondence related to arrangements for local and international employees as well as guests. Nonessential
Job Functions:
1. Performs other related or appropriate duties and assumes accountabilities as apparent or as delegated, including mutually agreed upon objectives. Job Specifications/Skills: 1. Discretion and trustworthiness. 2. Tact and diplomacy. 3. Proactive problem solver with exceptional communication skills and a meticulous attention to detail. [excellent written and spoken English] 4. Multilingual ability advantageous. 5. Highly proficient in Microsoft Office and other office productivity tools, with aptitude to learn new software, systems, concepts, and processes. 6. Able to provide focused assistance, remaining calm under pressure. 7. Flexible team player willing to do what it takes to get the job done; adaptable and enjoys a challenge
Minimum Educational Requirements:
1. High School Diploma, Administrative/Secretarial certification, or related Degree. Must have experience as a secretary, personal assistant, executive assistant or similar role.
1. May be required to travel as part of the Head of Business Unit delegation.