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About the job Material business manager

Business manager

.1. Be familiar with construction drawings, design and construction plans, construction changes, construction documents and construction contracts, relevant laws and regulations, fully grasp the economic terms and subcontract documents of the project contract documents, and do a good job in the disclosure of the contract;

2. Responsible for the preparation of the project budget and the review of the monthly target cost of the project, and make an analysis of the difference between the actual cost and the target cost according to the actual situation on the site;

3. Cooperate with the company to prepare the project plan cost, and put forward rationalization suggestions according to the construction plan and the actual situation on the site;

5. According to the actual situation on the site, timely remind the construction worker to apply for a project visa, and combine the relevant budget knowledge to Party A to apply for the final examination results of the economic visa;

6. Familiar with the production progress of the construction site, prepare this month's construction production statistics report every month; monthly according to the next month's production progress plan

7. Participate in the drafting of the work plan of the subcontract, according to the work content and unit price included in the subcontract,

8. Participate in the audit of labor settlement;

10. Responsible for handling the project settlement with the owner in a timely manner, and pay attention to collecting and sorting out relevant information at ordinary times.

11. Contract negotiation, drafting, evaluation, etc.

12. Cost accounting, cost warning, assist on-site completion of subcontractors, material price negotiation, entry, settlement and payment, etc.

Recruitment requirements:

1. Proficient in using office software such as office

2. Have a certain English foundation, be proficient in listening, speaking, reading and writing, and can draft an English contract LPO, etc.

3. There is no limit on graduation time.

4. College degree or above

5 Good professional quality, do a good job in the confidentiality of the company

Benefit : provide accomoundation

Location :Abu Dhabi