The requirements are as follows:

Masters / Bachelors Degree in Speech Language Pathology (or Speech and Hearing) from a recognized university, DHA license holder with minimum 2 years of experience. Bilingual (Arabic and English) preferred. Equalization of educational qualification from Ministry of education preferred.

Areas of responsibility / Tasks

  • To ensure safety of the students at all times as per the Safety procedures. To keep the concerned authorities and parents informed
    in case of emergencies.
  • To interpret assessment test results and make relevant recommendations.
  • To implement IEPs using appropriate methodologies and techniques that have been adopted by the Centre and in alignment with
    the Al Noor CSDP and Curriculum through individualized, group and routine- based intervention.
  • To effectively manage the IEPs of the students by planning and conducting activities.
  • To document intervention by maintaining updated documentation of students' responses, including the assessment, therapy and
    progress and write timely annual reports as per guidelines in CSDP .
  • To maintain regular communication and provide recommendations to the parents through the diary and periodic meetings,
    demonstration sessions and home visits. To provide home training programs and teaching material for follow-up of the
    programme to the parents based on the progress of the students
  • To attend and contribute in the IEP review meetings, intra unit and inter unit meetings and implement actions discussed in the
  • To supervise Junior Therapists, Assistants to Therapist, volunteers and students on work experience program.
  • To participate in continuing education for professional development to ensure consistent implementation of best practices. To
    keep oneself updated with relevant professional literature and evidence based research.

Essential - Bachelor's Degree in relevant field of rehabilitation from a recognised university with minimum 2
years of experience.
Essential - License from DHA
Preferable - Post-Graduate/Master's Degree in relevant/allied field of rehabilitation from a recognised
university with minimum 2 years of relevant work experience (List of higher level qualifications in relevant
and allied disciplines applicable for senior positions available as a guideline/reference)
Experience in a similar institution preferred
Management of the intervention program of the students, identify activities to practice the selected goals in
the respective domain area, implement therapy, provide performance solutions for the students in school, at
home and in the bus, maintain communication with parents (through diary, demonstration sessions,
homevisits and annual reports and PTMs) attend internal meetings; respect school resources, property and
policies, participate in fund raising and other activities of the Centre, participate in Professional
Development activities.