Job Openings HDPE Blow Mould Maker

About the job HDPE Blow Mould Maker

As an HDPE blow mold maker, your responsibilities may include designing and building custom blow molds for clients, troubleshooting mold performance issues, maintaining and repairing molds, and overseeing the production of blow molded products. You will need to have knowledge of mold-making materials, processes, and techniques, as well as an understanding of CAD software and other tools used to create 3D models of molds.

In addition to technical skills, a successful HDPE blow mold maker should possess excellent problem-solving abilities, attention to detail, and the ability to work effectively both independently and as part of a team. Strong communication and interpersonal skills are also essential, as you will be working closely with clients, engineers, and other professionals throughout the design and manufacturing process.

Skills Needed:

CNC Machine Operating, Experience in Making HDPE blow mold.

Auto deflashing blow moulding machine is Mandatory