Job Openings Construction Surveyor

About the job Construction Surveyor

Job responsibilities:

The construction Surveyor

1. Participate in the review of construction drawings, summarize the problems existing in the drawings according to the actual situation of the site, and timely reflect the leader and confirm with the supervisor or the relevant personnel of the owner.

2. Participate in the preparation of various construction organization design plans, construction safety, quality, technical plans and construction progress plans at all stages, and formulate corresponding technical measures to ensure the completion of construction goals according to the plan.

3. Responsible for the engineering and technical disclosure of parts of the unit's project, and provide technical, quality and key, special processes and safety disclosure to the team operators.

4. Conscientiously implement engineering technical quality inspection standards and safety standards, and the circular inspection system to strengthen the construction quality and safety management.

5. Do a good job in project construction records, hidden project records and visas in a timely manner, fill in the construction logs day by day, and sort out and collect on-site construction materials.

6. Supervise construction materials and equipment to enter the site on time and according to quality to ensure the smooth progress of the project.

Recruitment requirements:

1. I will read the drawings and calculate the amount of work (mainly the amount of steel bar and concrete)

2. Proficient in using Auto cad, office and other office software

3. Have a certain English foundation, and can communicate with foreign employees and foreign supervisors in daily and work.

4. Good moral cultivation, team spirit, hard-working

5. Work experience in municipal engineering (underground pipeline, earthwork), hydraulic engineering (bank protection breakwater, gravity wharf) is preferred.

  1. There is no limit on graduation time.
  1. 7. College degree or above

Benefits: provide accommodation

Location: Abu Dhabi