Job Openings 菲律宾客服专员 (Philippine Customer Service Specialist)

About the job 菲律宾客服专员 (Philippine Customer Service Specialist)

1. 底薪 RMB 7,000 – 9,000, 工作經驗突出的,可面議
2. 包三餐包住包交通

1. Basic salary RMB 7,000 – 9,000, outstanding work experience, negotiable
2. All meals included, transportation included

1. 男女均可
2. 台灣,馬來,印尼 優先
3. 性別不限,年齡29歲以內
4. 需现在位于菲律宾

Personal Requirements
1. Open Gender, Open Race
2. Taiwanese, Malaysian, Indonesian are preferred
3. Gender is not limited, under 29 years old
4. Need to be in the Philippines

1. BC公司在線客服工作經驗1年及以上.
2. 會基礎使用office軟件;
3. 有在運營棋牌類公司里工作經驗的優先;
4. 打字55字/每分鐘,工作責任心強;
5. 財務客服經驗不作計算;

1. BC company online customer service work experience for 1 year and above.
2. Basic use of office software;
3. Working experience in operating chess and card companies is preferred;
4. Typing 55 words per minute, strong sense of responsibility;
5. Financial customer service experience is not calculated;

1. 通過線上方式接受諮詢,解決客戶疑問,滿足客戶需求
2. 通過諮詢、方案提供及良好的服務品質,提升公司在客戶之間的信譽度
3. 為客戶解答疑問、高效的處理投訴,並進行適當的分析統計;
4. 通過在企業和客戶之間建立、維繫並提升良好的關係,培養忠實客戶。
5. 擁有強烈的推廣意識,積極推進公司新業務的開展,增加網站存款量
6. 其他部門領導安排的任務
7. 公司位于Pasig

1. Accept consultations online, solve customer questions, and meet customer needs
2. Enhance the company's credibility among customers through consultation, program provision and good service quality
3. Answer questions for customers, handle complaints efficiently, and conduct appropriate analysis and statistics;
4. Cultivate loyal customers by establishing, maintaining and improving good relationships between the company and customers.
5. Have a strong sense of promotion, actively promote the company's new business development, and increase the amount of deposits on the website
6. Tasks arranged by other department leaders
7. The company is located in Pasig

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