Job Openings Node.js工程师 (Node.js Developer) - Basic Up USD 7,000

About the job Node.js工程师 (Node.js Developer) - Basic Up USD 7,000

2.公司提供住宿公寓, 班车接送
3.卫生安全为第一优先考量 (供应辛劳伙伴们每日创新变化的中午晚餐
- 亦可选择请领餐时补贴)

1. The basic salary is 30,000 yuan to 45,000 yuan
2. The company provides accommodation apartments, shuttle bus transfers
3. Hygiene and safety is the first priority (provided the lunch and dinner of hardworking partners with innovative changes every day
-You can also choose to request a subsidy for meals)

1 负责系统架构设计和优化,参与需求分析、架构设计;
2 帮助团队解决系统中出现的关键问题, 参与核心部分代码编写;
3 协助团队攻克各种挑战,规避技术风险;

1 Responsible for system architecture design and optimization, participate in demand analysis and architecture design;
2 Help the team solve the key problems in the system and participate in the core part of the code;
3 Assist the team to overcome various challenges and avoid technical risks;

1 统招本科及以上学历,3年以上开发工作经验;
2 精通node开发,熟练掌握 ES6, ES7 语法,有 Express 或 Koa 框架的使用经验;
3 对于异步编程有一定的理解;对于数据结构设计敏感,熟练掌握常用算法,有扎实的编程能力;
4 熟练掌握 mysql 数据库表设计模式;熟练使用Mongodb,Redis, Elasticsearch, 了解分布式、缓存、消息等机制;
5 有代码洁癖,对代码精益求精,对技术有极客热情;
6 能够积极参与产品开发的讨论,根据需求能尽快的提出解决方案。
7 具备良好的沟通、理解、表达能力,主动推动研发力量完成产品研发。

1 Unified recruitment of bachelor degree or above, more than 3 years of development work experience;
2 Proficient in node development, proficient in ES6, ES7 usage, and have experience in Express or Koa framework;
3 Have a certain understanding of asynchronous programming; be sensitive to data structure design, proficient in common algorithms, and have a solid programming ability;
4 Familiar with mysql database table design mode; proficient in using Mongodb, Redis, Elasticsearch, and understanding of distributed, caching, messaging and other mechanisms;
5 Have a code cleanliness, keep improving the code, have a geek enthusiasm for technology;
6 Able to actively participate in product development discussions and propose solutions as soon as possible according to needs.
7 Have good communication, understanding, and expression skills, and actively promote R&D to complete product development.