Job Openings Content Manager (Short Video)

About the job Content Manager (Short Video)

About the Employer
An international cosmetics company that aims to provide global consumers with high quality products. Presence in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and many other countries

Salary RM 5,000 - RM 7,000 depending on qualification


  1. Independently lead the team to plan and create content for brand short videos and advertising short videos;
  2. Responsible for the management and training improvement of the content team, and improve the overall content creation ability of the team
  3. Responsible for the production of relevant short videos on time and with high quality, responsible for the output quality and operation effect of short video content;
  4. Collect and analyze data, adjust content strategy in time according to data, and optimize data.


  1. More than 2 years of experience in short video editing, planning and shooting (relevant planning cases need to be brought during the interview), and have certain video shooting and editing capabilities;
  2. Strong internet sense, heavy users of short video platforms, experience in Douyin, TikTok, Kuaishou account operation is preferred.
  3. Possess strong creative thinking, be good at short video content marketing, and be able to output different short video planning proposals in combination with consumers' pain points;
  4. Strong executive ability, cheerful personality, good at communication, high sense of responsibility, and good ability to resist pressure.

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