Job Openings api开发工程师 (api Engineer) - Basic Up USD 7,000

About the job api开发工程师 (api Engineer) - Basic Up USD 7,000

  1. 底薪30,000元到45,000元 
  2. 公司提供住宿公寓, 班车接送
  3. 卫生安全为第一优先考量 (供应辛劳伙伴们每日创新变化的中午晚餐 - 亦可选择请领餐时补贴)

  1. Basic salary 30,000 yuan to 45,000 yuan
  2. The company provides accommodation apartments, shuttle bus transfers
  3. Hygiene and safety is the first priority (provided the lunch and dinner with innovative changes every day for hardworking partners-you can also choose to receive a meal subsidy)

  1. 依據客戶及商業的需求,開發並維護高效能、高安全性、使用者易用的網站應用程式。
  2. 整合網站應用程式至資料庫導向或 API 導向的後台系統。
  3. 開發、改善及維運所有軟體產品與基礎建設,並提供維護所需的所有必要文件。
  4. 協助客戶排除系統整合問題與技術障礙。

  1. According to the needs of customers and businesses, develop and maintain high-performance, high-security, and user-friendly website applications.
  2. Integrate website applications into database-oriented or API-oriented backend systems.
  3. Develop, improve and maintain all software products and infrastructure, and provide all necessary documents for maintenance.
  4. Assist customers to eliminate system integration problems and technical obstacles.

  1. 3年以上網頁設計經驗。
  2. 熟 Java/SQL語法、Java Web-based應用系統設計、開發及測試。
  3. 具使用NoSQL或RDBMS平台經驗:MySQL, MongoDB, Redis.
  4. 具後端web API開發能力。

  1. Over 3 years of web design experience.
  2. Familiar with Java/SQL syntax, Java Web-based application system design, development and testing.
  3. Experience in using NoSQL or RDBMS platforms: MySQL, MongoDB, Redis.
  4. With back-end web API development capabilities.

Good to have
  1. 熟Linux基本命令操作尤佳
  2. 二年以上後端開發經驗相關工作經驗, Restful API service 
  3. 於企業用区塊鏈或雲平台,數字資產交易所的Web 後端程式開發與設計 3. 熟悉 Java Spring framework , spring boot 等. 
  4. Git 版本控制系統使用經驗, 熟悉 AWS, Google cloud platfom.

  1. Familiar with Linux basic command operation is preferred
  2. More than two years of back-end development experience related work experience, Restful API service
  3. Development and design of web back-end programs for enterprise blockchain or cloud platforms, digital asset exchanges 3. Familiar with Java Spring framework, spring boot, etc.
  4. Experience in using Git version control system, familiar with AWS, Google cloud platfom.