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About the job Typist / Data Entry

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We are hiring Data Entry for one of Future Group subsidiaries.

Job Summary:

A data entry operator is responsible for accurately transferring and entering data from various sources into computer systems or databases. This role requires strong attention to detail, excellent typing skills, and the ability to work with numerical and alphanumeric data. The data entry operator must maintain confidentiality and integrity while handling sensitive information. The position may involve working with spreadsheets, online forms, or proprietary software.

Job Description: 

  • Seamlessly convert non-editable files, including scanned documents, images, and PDFs, into editable formats.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in OCR software, such as ABBYY FineReader, and similar tools.
  • Exhibit swift typing and data entry skills, ensuring accuracy and speed.
  • Utilize internet resources effectively to facilitate OCR tasks.
  • Excel in the use of Microsoft Office programs and possess a foundational understanding of Adobe software.
  • Reformat files post-OCR to guarantee consistency and readability.
  • Display patience, precision, and efficiency in completing tasks.
  • Grasp basic concepts of programming languages like HTML & CSS.
  • Possess a fundamental knowledge of web scraping principles.
  • Show adaptability to work flexible hours as needed.

Job Requirements:

  • 6 months -1 year of experience in the translation and localization industry or data entry field.
  • Demonstrate a strong background in document conversion and data entry.
  • Be proficient in the use of OCR software for accurate and efficient conversions.
  • Maintain excellent typing speed and data entry accuracy.
  • Exhibit solid proficiency in Microsoft Office and foundational Adobe skills.
  • Be familiar with OCR tools like ABBYY FineReader or equivalent software.
  • Be detail-oriented with a strong commitment to precision and task completion.
  • Have a basic understanding of programming languages such as HTML & CSS.
  • Be adept in web scraping fundamentals.
  • Be flexible and capable of working variable schedules.
  • Possess a good command of the English language.

Work Conditions:

On- site - Dokki Office.