Job Openings Backend Developer

About the job Backend Developer

Job Description:

  1. Responsible for the research and development of the e-commerce platform server, and ensure the correctness and stability of the service;
  2. Participate in the research and application of Internet open source technology;
  3. Continuously refactor to continuously improve code quality and user experience;
  4. Participate in the drafting and improvement of documents to ensure timely update of documents;


Job Requirement:

  1. Bachelor degree or above in computer and related majors;
  2. More than 3 years of JAVA development experience;
  3. Familiar with Web-related protocols and interaction processes, familiar with common Web design patterns, and those with TCP/IP experience are preferred;
  4. Master the theoretical knowledge of databases, and be proficient in using mainstream databases such as MySQL. Those who are familiar with Key-Value storage systems such as Redis and Mongodb are preferred;
  5. Proficiency in at least one script programming such as shell;
  6. Those who have used distributed frameworks such as dubbo, thrift, spring cloud are preferred;
  7. Those who have used netty, zookeeper, rabbitmq/RocketMQ, kafka are preferred;
  8. Developers who have participated in e-commerce platforms, large-scale distributed Internet products, and familiar with SOA architecture are preferred