Job Openings Social Media Specialist (TikTok)

About the job Social Media Specialist (TikTok)


  • Planning the content calendar for JDID’s TikTok, including the communication strategy and creative angle.
  • Being involved in the end-to-end production processes of Tiktok content, and also includes being the talent of the content.
  • Contributing to creative ideas for monthly activations and contents of JDID’s TikTok.
  • Being involved in the end-to-end projects with TikTok KOL, from selecting potential KOL, coordinating with procurement team and creative agency, preparing KOL brief, approving KOL contents, to reporting the final result of the campaign.
  • Coordinating with Campaign & Marketing Team to support their monthly campaign & activities.
  • Coordinating with different category merchandiser to support their sales of various products (E.g: coordinating with PIC from Fashion to create content about newly launched pashmina).
  • Actively engaged with audience of JDID’s TikTok.
  • Being involved in the production of TikTok Livestreaming alongside TikTok Shop team.
  • Work closely with Social Media Team to collaborate on monthly campaign and cross-channel activation.
  • Monitor the growth of TikTok account, including but not limited to, followers, likes, total videos and engagement rate.


  • Diploma/Bachelor degree in Communication (Mass Communication, Advertising, Marcomm) or Visual Communication Design (Video Production, Animation, Graphic Designer)
  • 3 Years of working experience.
  • Relevant experience in creative and social media sphere: social media specialist/strategist, content creator, social media content marketer, social media video creator.
  • Technical skills: TikTok & Video Production
      1. Understand TikTok thoroughly (features, function), able to create video and creative content for TikTok, able to understand the trend and hashtag on TikTok and create content based on it. Have knowledge around TikTok KOL.
      2. Able to use video editing software such as: Adobe Premier (this one is mandatory), skill in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop is a plus.
      3. Familiar with video production aspects such as: lighting, props, videography & photography, audio, and all aspects regarding video production.
      4. Knowledge in social media analytics is a plus (hootsuite, socialbakers, analisa, etc.)