Job Openings Business Analyst MD Beauty

About the job Business Analyst MD Beauty

Job Responsibilities:

  1. In charge of data collection and analysis of company performance in order to achieve yearly budget and balance cost and efficiency;
  2. Draft reports periodically to support business decision. The report would be related with income, revenue, cost, account receivable and other major expenditure analysis. 
  3. Based on the annual strategic objectives, undertake the duty of annual budget making, monitoring, auditing etc.
  4. Design, monitor and review KPIs and OKRs performance for all departments periodically.
  5. Follow and keep on monitoring the implementation of management decisions and company strategy.
  6. Pay attention to the industry news, to catch up business trend, hotspots, and use more strategy thinking methods to analysis industry risks and opportunity .


Job Requirement:

  1. Bachelor Degree in accountancy, finance, mathmatics, etc.
  2. Minimum five years working experience. 
  3. Ability to speak english.
  4. Have good logic, structured thinking, and strong analytical sense with the ability.
  5. Skilled in OFFICE suite (PT,VISIO etc...)
  6. Can work under pressure, both individually or as a team
  7. Prioritize candidates with CFA certificates