Job Openings Warehouse Cost Control Specialist

About the job Warehouse Cost Control Specialist

Job Description

  1. Analyze invoices to ensure correct products/services were received at the expected cost
  2. Collaborate with department heads to strategize ways to minimize cost
  3. Commit to maximizing efficiency at all levels without compromising quality
  4. Develop and implement proactive solutions and cost-cutting measures
  5. Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the interdependency of cost drivers
  6. Forecasting, Budgeting and Control Actual Cost Spending for Department
  7. Providing and control monthly accrual department expense
  8. Developing and Implementing cost control SOP
  9. Understand entire of the business and how productivity impacts profitability Monthly, Quarterly, and Yearly Overall Cost Report

Requirements (Education, Relevant Experiences, Technical Skill, Specific Soft Skills required)

  1. At least Bachelor's degree and has experience 3 or more years in Cost Management / Cost Control
  2. Proficiency in MS. Office; especially Ms. Excel, Ms. Power Point, Ms. Visio, etc; Excel skill including: Report & Dashboard Creation, Data Analysis, Flow Chart, etc (will be tested).
  3. Exceptionally well organized with an aptitude for data
  4. Outstanding communication skills, both written and verbal
  5. Able to generate budgets and reports
  6. Strong presentation skills, able to explain concepts concisely and accurately
  7. Critical & Creative thinking skills and ability to solve problems
  8. Preferably specialized in Logistics/Supply Chain or equivalent.
  9. Strong in communication and logical thinking Fluent in English.