Job Openings Supply Chain Sr. Specialist

About the job Supply Chain Sr. Specialist

Job Description:

  • Responsible for the overall development of various indicators of the JDID supply chain, such as turnover and unhealthy inventory, to improve the turnover efficiency of the supply chain and reduce costs;
  • Design, monitor and review supply chain KPIs and OKRs performance for all departments periodically;
  • Responsible for the formulation and monitoring of JDID supply chain standard process rules to promote supply chain resource integration and overall efficiency improvement, such as procurement approval rules;
  • Led the logistics & supply chain operation promotion and optimization project, established standard operation promotion process rules, coordination mechanism, index system, etc., to save storage cost, reduce cost and increase efficiency. (covering the whole process of planning, warehouse capacity, warehousing, warehouse allocation, internal withdrawal, reverse flow and so on);
  • Leading special analysis on supply chain periodically to support business decisions, such as Freight subsidies, competitor tactics.

Job Requirements:

  • Bachelor degree or above, with supply chain and analysis experience

  • At least 5 years related experience;

  • Familiar using Microsoft office ( excel, power point, word);
  • Familiar with inventory management, procurement business, logistics operation, sales related business and performance cost structure;
  • Able to perform data analysis and provide insight to stakeholders

  • Excellent organization and coordination, strong communication and negotiation skills, and able to pull non-strong stakeholders to work together.