Job Openings Enabler Campaign Operation Specialist

About the job Enabler Campaign Operation Specialist

Job Description:

- Manage campaigns and promotions for each assortment

- Plan, schedule, and coordinate with marketing team to develop a strategic campaign

- Analysis data and able to make a sounding deductive reasoning conclusion

- Engage with external parties for Advertisement, Social Media, and KOL initiatives

- Responsible for overall sales and achievement within the division

- Multiple tasks outside from job description can be expected


- Graduated from a reputable university from local/ abroad (Any major is accepted)

- GPA is 3.3 or above

- Previous experience at e-commerce company is a plus

- Have 2+ years in Marketing and Campaign

- Fluent in Indonesian and English

- Analytical thinking

- Good at adapting to various jobs/ tasks


- Microsoft Excel: Minimum Functions include: Pivot Table, Vlookup/Hlookup, Chart/ Graph

- Previous experience in operating JD.ID system (include: Oper, VMS, VCP, Babel, etc.) is a Plus

- Picture and video editing skill is a Plus